So… that old auger you own is holding together with duct tape and silicon? Let us re-manufacture or fix it!!

Or maybe you’ve got a design for the “perfect” auger? Let us Build it!!

Either way if you need an auger that matches “your” specifications you’re in the right place.

Auger Supplies WA manufactures budget Custom Augers at a price you can afford and we are happy to provide as little or as much work as you require.

All we need, in order to give you a quote, is either a good written description or a rough hand-drawn sketch of what you are after, preferably showing lengths and any features you need included.

Wondering what the turnaround time is? Depends on the time of year and if any special components need to be ordered in. On the safe side, as a generalisation, we say to allow 1 to 3 weeks, but if all components are in stock sometimes the job can be finished next day!

Not sure of what you need? There is lots of information here to get you heading in the right direction. Otherwise, we are just a phone call away!

Click here for some ‘helpful’ information if you wish to repair the seed and super augers on an old Coles 5 in 1 Bin.

Meanwhile if you need some inspiration, check out this gallery of past CUSTOM AUGERS we have built!!