A range of pencil augers powered by electric motors or petrol engines and made to order.

We normally call auger size after the diameter of the auger casing and the smaller ones with 4″, 5″ & 6″ casing are referred to as Pencil Augers. Mostly they are run by electric motors but can be powered by petrol engines or hydraulic motor.
(If the auger is a larger diameter but a shorter length than say 30 ft, it is often referred to as a Mini Auger and powered by petrol engine.)

These augers are not kept in stock but are made to order so you get exactly what you want length wise. We will supply these augers to any stage of completion, with or without motor and/or undercarriage, and we also supply kits for anyone wanting to build their own.

OPTIONS available

• Plastic hoppers

• Hand winch for raising/lowering longer augers

• Emergency Stop

• Cage frame

• Electric motor mount

• Electric motors

• Motor kit including pulleys and safety cover

• Flighting and shaft

• Shaft end spigots

• Casing clamps (to attach undercarriage or stand)

• Tripod stand

• Wheeled undercarriage



Heavy Duty Materials and High Quality workmanship at a Budget Price!